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Author: zonateam
Last update: 25-01-2016
Official site: zona.ru

English, Russian, Ukrainian

Operating systems:
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows other, MAC OS, Others

Program informer


Zona is free software for downloading movies. The program is a torrent client that works with many torrent trackers. Movies available from the trackers are presented through a single catalogue that is part of the software. Over 65,000 movies and 5,000 series are already available for downloading through Zona. You can choose a file to download here, depending on its quality and download speed. In addition, with Zona you can watch over 300 TV channels and online broadcasts of sports events.

Zona is also software for downloading music from VK.com. To download music, the user needs to input his or her VKontakte password, choose the songs, and save them to the computer.

Zona is a convenient tool, since the user does not have to check various tracker sites to find movies. The movie descriptions are already in Zona, so the user just needs to choose the movie he or she is seeking. Zona’s search and filtering system enables movie selection not only by name, but also by genre, release year, release country, and other more complex criteria.

Zona has a proprietary, built-in video player, so the user can start watching a movie while still downloading it. Once the download is complete, the file is stored in a folder for downloaded movies (as specified in the program settings); the user can also adjust settings, e.g. change the skin or stop automatic launch of the application at system startup. When the program is closed, the download pauses; it will resume from that point when the program is launched again. To ensure the best viewing quality, your computer must have the necessary codecs.

In background mode, Zona seeds so that other users can download movies already downloaded to your computer. This is how a torrent network works. Bear in mind that the program is potentially dangerous, so some antivirus software may consider it undesirable and may give the respective warning.

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